round 32

After church on Sunday on 3.28.10, my husband took me to an exhibit in 3rd ward. He informed me that he had attended a show at this place called Project Row Houses in the past. Coincidently, we went to the exhibit the day after its grand opening.

Here is a brief description:

Artist Installation Round 32: eco, xiang, echo: meditations on the african, andean & asian diasporas. These Artist Installations will be on exhibit from March 27, 2010 through June 20, 2010 and are free and open to the public. 

Curated by artist William Cordova, this series of installations brings together a multigenerational group of artists from various backgrounds and geographic locations. Working in photography, performance, installation, drawing and sculpture, each artist presents work that addresses the often-overlooked connections between distinct cultures. These connections range from paralleling historical narratives to fantastical freedom dreamscapes. This project is a platform for a continued dialogue around the notions of collective consciousness in the Diasporas represented in this exhibition.
Participating Artists include:
Crystal Campbell
Albert Chong
Coco Fusco
Marina Gutierrez
Ayana Jackson
Minette Mangahas
Glexis Novoa
Mendi and Keith Obadike

While we were there, there was a man playing music...I only got a snippet from my phone, but I felt it set a mood. While the music was playing my husband said, "I feel like we are in a movie." I say a Spike Lee film for sure...lol

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Dallas Jones said...

Great Exhibit