"I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit"

I usually do not write about personal feelings on my blog… but I had to get this out…

So this past weekend my art was displayed at the Houston Museum of African American Culture for an event entitled “Rock the Bells”. The event was fantastic and I made many contacts there. I feel blessed that I am able to participate in events such as this one to display my art for the world to see.

Now for those who know me know that Art is my hobby, not my career. It is a passion of mine that I have always had and I have been fortunate enough to make my hobby into a company. Okay back to the point, so…. At the Rock the Bells event I had a man approach me at the end of the event asking me to show him which paintings were mine. I was more than happy to, and I showed him the 5 pieces I had there. Those who know art, know that the costs of my paintings are fairly inexpensive compared to some other local artist out there. Anyways, he was interested in one of my paintings that sell for $650 on my website. He stated he was eager to purchase it right now and would like to take it home tonight, and wanted to know what is the lowest I could give it to him, so being reasonable I told him $600. He gave me a counter offer of $300…..YES THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! I laughed it off as though it was a joke, and then quickly realized this fool was serious. I explained to him that that is the cost of one of my giclee prints and that there is no way I could honor that.

He then pulled the “do you know who I am” card…. Ummmm HELL NO! You don’t look like a star, you are not the curator of a popular museum, and you are not a known dealer, sooooo ummmm “no sir I don’t know who you are”. I guess he was offended and began to talk to me as though my livelihood was dependant on me selling my paintings. After 15 minutes, of back and forth I simply said “Sir, I am flattered that you are interested in one of my paintings, but I can not take your deal it is simply out of my hands”. Of course Mr. Big Ego walks away and tells others in the facility to tell me who he is….

Now, Lord knows I wanted to say much more than what I did, but I would not let this dude get the best of me. He must be use to dealing with painters who are struggling…. But as for me and mines…. I have a full time career and doing very well on my own. THANK YOU!

So at the end….the moral of the story is…. Don’t treat me like I am a starving artist. In fact, don’t treat anyone like they are a starving artist…Respect their time and creativity.

I am sure you want to know who this guy is…. Well I will not say his name, but apparently he was a medical doctor who is a collector. Not impressed…. Sorry!

Maybe I am tripping... I don't know. But at the end of the day......

I am an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit! ~Badu~


For Colored Girls.... Free Screening!

Join my Husband's company Elite Change LLC, along with ...Bacardi, 20.10 Media, and Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast for a Private Reception and Screening of "For Colored Girls". You must follow the link to RSVP. Limited Theater Space So Do It Now.


Silk (A Night of Pure Elegance)

A video of the event that my art was featured at!!! It was dope... check it out!

I have like a 3 second cameo... but my art as cameos throughout...

Silk (A Night of Pure Elegance) from Sed Brass on Vimeo.




The Unveiling of the Wonderful Lounge Xperience "Silk" brings to you Fine ART by LYD!A'S VIZ!ON'S, succulent gourmet cuisine by the Great Chef DC, edgy Photography by Rita G and the Mentor/ Instructor Mr. David VU! International Lounge DJ NIMBUS, surprise guest Saxophonist, Captivating Ambiance brought to you by DesignsbyCarlia, Simply Scents , and Rendezvous Events!!

This will be an evening that will please all of your senses! And you want to exercise them all not just your hearing, when you hear about it afterwards....

If you have not RSVP'd please do so
RSVP @ designsbycarlia@gmail.com

Treat yourself, Don't cheat yourself!
We look forward in Celebrating with you!
Thank you for your time!

~ on behalf of:

Studio 1508 & Un'Corked

DBC~ lyfestyle EVENTS!


Menil showcases room-size art with replica Merzbau

Menil showcases room-size art with replica Merzba

Color and Collage opens Thursday night at the Menil Collection. Beyond giving the pioneering German modernist his first U.S. museum exhibition in 25 years, the show will help him, in part, posthumously realize an unfulfilled dream: to bring a version of his magnum opus, a walk-in sculpture widely recognized as a precursor to installation art, to the United States.
Known as the Merzbau, or Merz Construction, the room-size structure takes its title from the second syllable in Kommerz, the German word for commerce. Schwitters made Merz his own term, using it as shorthand for his practice of "combining all conceivable materials for artistic purposes, and in terms of technique treating all of them with equal respect."

Schwitters' collages manifest that philosophy on 2-D surfaces. His Merzbau extends it into an environment that "incorporates many branches of fine art, from architecture to assemblage, from collage to painting, transforming biographical and historical material into an abstract form," as Menil director Josef Helfenstein and guest curator Isabel Schulz write in the catalog.

Schwitters spent a decade and a half working on the Merzbau, which he described as a studio he worked on rather than in, pronouncing it finished in 1933 — just in time for the Nazis to drive what remained of the German avant garde into exile or underground. He built a second version in Oslo, Norway, where he lived from 1937 to 1940. In 1940 he fled to England, where he learned in 1943 that the Merzbau left behind in Hanover was destroyed by a bomb. Poor health prevented him from completing a third version before his death in 1948, and a fire destroyed the Norwegian Merzbau less than three years later.

Menil visitors will see and enter a reconstruction of the Merzbau's first room, which Swiss stage designer Peter Bissenger completed in 1983 using wide-angle black-and-white photos taken of the tight space in 1933.

"As the realization of what can, at best, be hinted at in the photos' limited field and monochrome two-dimensionality, the reconstruction allows us to experience firsthand some sense of the very first sculpture 'in which one can go for a walk,' " catalog contributor Gwendolen Webster writes. It's fitting that this partial re-creation of Schwitters' seminal work should make its first U.S. appearance in Houston, which is home to the only U.S. university museum devoted solely to the art form the Merzbau anticipated. Since 1995 artists have transformed the Rice University Art Gallery space several times a year with installations that immerse viewers into new, strange worlds.

Like the Hanover Merzbau, which Schwitters hired a carpenter, a glazier and an electrician to help him complete, Rice Gallery installations typically require artists to tap the expertise of others. Take the current installation, Sarah Oppenheimer's D-17, a 65-foot, aluminum-sheathed white structure that appears to pass through two glass walls - except when part of the structure seems to disappear and leave a whole segment floating in space. Oppenheimer realized it with the help of Rice architecture students, wood and metal fabricators, structural engineers, architects, a fire and safety inspector, a construction team and Rice Gallery director Kim Davenport and assistant curator Josh Fischer.

At times, other Rice Gallery installations have followed the Merzbau's precedent in using accumulated detritus or unlikely materials to create new spaces - some claustrophobic, others expansive; some serene, others obsessive, even trippy.

Like the Merzbau, the Rice Gallery installations are fleeting experiments with lasting impacts on artists' practices and visitors' memories. But they disappear not because of fascist persecution, war and personal tragedy, but to make way for brand-new creations.
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LYD!A'S VIZ!ONS Fall Sale!!!! 35-50% OFF original paintings

IT'S HERE!!! The biggest sale I have ever had on over 1/2 of my paintings. Go to http://www.lydiasvizions.com/ and click the tab "store"!!!

You will see discounts up from 35-50% off on original paintings.

Take advantage of this sale because this will not happen again for a VERY LONG time.
 Questions? Email me lydiasvizions@yahoo.com


Perspectives 172: Kirsten Pieroth

Opening reception for "Perspectives 172: Kirsten Pieroth"

6:30pm: Gallery walk-through with the artist 7-9pm: Opening reception
September 30th, 2010
5216 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX, 77006
Help us celebrate the opening of work by Berlin-based artist Kirsten Pieroth. "Perspectives 172" is her first solo museum exhibition. The artist will lead a gallery walk-through at 6:30pm. Reception with cash bar and Fusion Taco truck.


Things in my neighborhood I like #3

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24x36 in 3/4in deep

On cotton stretched canvas

SOLD for $200

You can get this in any color you like any design I can do for only $200!!!!


30x40 in 1 1/2 in deep
 cotton wrapped canvas



Who is Lydia?

I have been asked to post the answer to one essential question..."Who is Lydia?"

Well here goes… Lydia was my former middle name before I was married. I loved my middle name and since I replaced my middle name with my maiden name I had to find a way to make my name live on through other means. Well before I established my company I always signed my paintings as “Lydia”….so it was only natural for me to use this name for my company!

I of course could not just name my company LYDIA… so the word vision was attached.

I had a nephew named Logan Zion Houston, he was my God-son and first nephew, the most beautiful baby I ever set my eyes on. He passed away when he was 8 months old very suddenly, and it had torn a hole in my family and my heart.

When using the word “vision” I changed it to “ViZion” to include my nephew’s middle name.

The name LYDIA’S VIZIONS represents important things I have lost in my life, so I used them to bring life in my company.

Hence…. LYD!A’S VIZ!ONS!!!




For grown ups only

Open a bottle of wine and let your creativity flow while you create your own masterpiece with one of Art League Houston's outstanding teaching artists! Great for absolute beginners and experienced artists alike, in this class you will produce works of high quality to take home at the end of the evening. Come alone or with friends and bring your beverage of choice. We provide everything else, including glasses, bottle openers, and your artistic materials. There is a refrigerator on site to keep your drinks cold. Sign up for one, two, or all sessions! Each class will have a different instructor and project. Details to follow.

6:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.
Thursday class dates:
(AS-1) Sept. 30, (AS-2) Oct. 21, (AS-3) Nov.11, or (AS-4) Dec. 2
Friday class dates:
(AS-5) Sept. 24, (AS-6) Oct. 8, (AS-7) Nov. 5, or (AS-8) Dec. 3

Tuition PER SESSION is $35 members / $45 non-members. Price includes supplies. Space is limited to 28 per session, so call us today to register! To register or for more information contact us at 713-523-9530.


Frida Kahlo Quotes

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?
-Frida Kahlo

I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.
-Frida Kahlo

I love you more than my own skin.
-Frida Kahlo

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.
-Frida Kahlo

I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.
-Frida Kahlo

I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.
-Frida Kahlo

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.
-Frida Kahlo

My painting carries with it the message of pain.
-Frida Kahlo

Painting completed my life.
-Frida Kahlo

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.
-Frida Kahlo

There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.
-Frida Kahlo


Skession: Sketch Session

Bring your black books and pens. This is an open event to get your mind going and discuss art projects and art shows. Boondocks is providing $1 well drinks ALL night and $2.50 drafts until 8pm. Spread the word!

Every Wednesday from 5-8pm
Boondocks, 1417 Westheimer Rd


Real Fake...

At a time when fakes and knock-offs are a complicated fact of consumerism and the luxury market, Liao Yibai's hand-welded large-scale sculptures are testimony to the power of the brand. Shoes, watches, handbags and jewellery are just some of the products on offer, created so that we may fill an emotional need we won't always admit to having. These shots from Yibai's Chongqing, China studio shows him preparing for a fall exhibition in New York.

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Flower Girls...

Mother Nature has long since made us understand the femininity of the natural world, and Australian artist Melissa Haslam has no trouble following this up with her new body of work, Botanica. The powers of our surrounding flora and fauna make themselves known when flowers sprout out of young women in full bloom. The little black dress needs very little adornment under these circumstances, but the further embellishment due to the ears of the cat, fox and rabbit can totally change any outfit.

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I'm in August's edition of Papercity.... cool....

My husband (Dallas Jones) and I had the please to attend Champagne and Ribs. I made a post a while ago about us going to the event http://lydiasvizions.blogspot.com/2010/05/me-and-my-hubby-will-be-there.html

Well we are featured in the August 2010 edition of Papercity from that event!!! Exciting...

Oh also my wonderful has a blog.... you should go check it out http://www.elitechange.blogspot.com/

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Latest Website Creation....

My latest website creation!

Project: Create a a website for Corks and Spirits, Unlimited that is visually appealing to both sexes, easy to navigate, and informational

Result: http://www.corksandspirits.com

Remember Lydia's Vizions for your website needs... email me at info@lydiasvizions.com for pricing information!!!

Things in my neighborhood I like...#2

This the side of a building, and they change it every couple of months
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new painting in the works... step 1

This is a new painting I am working on. It is untitled as of now.

Like I said it is at phase 1 so dont get all critical yet!
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Little Miss Artsy Pictures....

Here is a link to a art show recently attended entitled "Little Miss Artsy"...

This show was awesome


I'm gonna go...

angry artist....

I started on my new painting, name unknown, and I am using brand new paint. Well when I went to Texas Art Supply I found out they no longer sell Golden paint, which is my fav, due to issues with pricing with the Golden Company. Well I was bummed but didn't feel like leaving.... so I spoke with several sales clerks and they all recommended Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Colour. Well it cost about 2 bucks more a tube and the tubes were smaller. Of course I was weary about it, but they sold it to me stating the pigment is the best and blah blah blah....

I came home excited and ready to paint.... I was highly disappointed, more like PISSED!!! The paint sucked... well to me!!! The pigment was mediocre, flow was horrible (bc it dried super quick), and the blending of colors was piss poor. Maybe others have had success with this paint but NOT ME!! I had to blog it bc now I might have to cover the paint with Golden paint to fix it. Ugh... damn sales clerks....

- An Angry Artist -


HBD Frida Kahlo

She is one of my favorite artist! Her use of color... her sense of emotions... her life story... and her art, all make me a better artist!!!

Happy birthday!


Newest website creation!

Here is the latest website I designed for my client!!!
Make sure to remember me for your website needs!!!

click link to go to actual site http://www.thejonesg.com



Polymer clay is the medium of choice for Portland artist Meredith Dittmar, a former Flash designer and developer, when she creates relief works that incorporate animals with human characteristics into intricate scenes of the imagination. Once the many pieces are assembled in the composition, it must be baked in order to harden the clay. Themes of biology are as common as technological ones, while human-animal-plant energy is streamed through colour and pattern in sculptures that reflect consciousness and a desire for connection.

 Meredith Dittmar
+ corporatepig.com



hawt, cool, and interesting jewelry!

When Tithi Kutchamuch learned that her dog died a month before she was able to return to her parents' home, she realized that she wished she could have taken her pet with her everywhere. From there, she developed the idea of a secret friend: jewellery that was part of a pet animal that stayed at home. The jewellery acts as the connection when you are out and completes the sculpture when you are safely home again. Parrot Companion Parrot is the largest piece in the collection and the closest to life size, in order that the connection be made stronger.

Artist: Tithi Kutchamuch
+ tithi.info
Companion Parrot will be part of a collection exhibited at Saatchi Gallery 14-17 May 2010 in London.
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ya'll know this is cool...

From Tim Vinke, a Styrofoam mobile office with desk and chairs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. "Het Kruikantoor is a combination of the words wheelbarrow and office. All interior elements can be combined, to which the object can be moved easily."