new painting in the works... step 1

This is a new painting I am working on. It is untitled as of now.

Like I said it is at phase 1 so dont get all critical yet!
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Little Miss Artsy Pictures....

Here is a link to a art show recently attended entitled "Little Miss Artsy"...

This show was awesome


I'm gonna go...

angry artist....

I started on my new painting, name unknown, and I am using brand new paint. Well when I went to Texas Art Supply I found out they no longer sell Golden paint, which is my fav, due to issues with pricing with the Golden Company. Well I was bummed but didn't feel like leaving.... so I spoke with several sales clerks and they all recommended Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Colour. Well it cost about 2 bucks more a tube and the tubes were smaller. Of course I was weary about it, but they sold it to me stating the pigment is the best and blah blah blah....

I came home excited and ready to paint.... I was highly disappointed, more like PISSED!!! The paint sucked... well to me!!! The pigment was mediocre, flow was horrible (bc it dried super quick), and the blending of colors was piss poor. Maybe others have had success with this paint but NOT ME!! I had to blog it bc now I might have to cover the paint with Golden paint to fix it. Ugh... damn sales clerks....

- An Angry Artist -


HBD Frida Kahlo

She is one of my favorite artist! Her use of color... her sense of emotions... her life story... and her art, all make me a better artist!!!

Happy birthday!


Newest website creation!

Here is the latest website I designed for my client!!!
Make sure to remember me for your website needs!!!

click link to go to actual site http://www.thejonesg.com



Polymer clay is the medium of choice for Portland artist Meredith Dittmar, a former Flash designer and developer, when she creates relief works that incorporate animals with human characteristics into intricate scenes of the imagination. Once the many pieces are assembled in the composition, it must be baked in order to harden the clay. Themes of biology are as common as technological ones, while human-animal-plant energy is streamed through colour and pattern in sculptures that reflect consciousness and a desire for connection.

 Meredith Dittmar
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