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ugh so today I was driving around to take pictures of some graffiti I discovered.... and literally all the places had some "suspicious" people either sitting around or just lurking.... safety first!

So hold on a tad longer for my post on Houston graffiti!

In the meantime, you can tell me where you have seen some great graffiti....

- Artfully Yours-

bayou arts festival

Here are a few pics from artist I enjoyed at the Bayou Arts Festival

**click the pic to enlarge if you desire**

the 2 above were my fav
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round 32

After church on Sunday on 3.28.10, my husband took me to an exhibit in 3rd ward. He informed me that he had attended a show at this place called Project Row Houses in the past. Coincidently, we went to the exhibit the day after its grand opening.

Here is a brief description:

Artist Installation Round 32: eco, xiang, echo: meditations on the african, andean & asian diasporas. These Artist Installations will be on exhibit from March 27, 2010 through June 20, 2010 and are free and open to the public. 

Curated by artist William Cordova, this series of installations brings together a multigenerational group of artists from various backgrounds and geographic locations. Working in photography, performance, installation, drawing and sculpture, each artist presents work that addresses the often-overlooked connections between distinct cultures. These connections range from paralleling historical narratives to fantastical freedom dreamscapes. This project is a platform for a continued dialogue around the notions of collective consciousness in the Diasporas represented in this exhibition.
Participating Artists include:
Crystal Campbell
Albert Chong
Coco Fusco
Marina Gutierrez
Ayana Jackson
Minette Mangahas
Glexis Novoa
Mendi and Keith Obadike

While we were there, there was a man playing music...I only got a snippet from my phone, but I felt it set a mood. While the music was playing my husband said, "I feel like we are in a movie." I say a Spike Lee film for sure...lol


can't wait!!!!

I am so excited.  Her album releases on 3.30.2010. I will be coping it on drop date! 
 I am in love with Erykah... and the artwork on her album cover is hot!!!

sneak peak

Hello beautiful people!

I am working on 2 new paintings... here is a sneak peak. This is just a smidget of it!



BREATHTAKING... is the word that comes to my mind when looking at this photography.

Rita Bernstein's work is on display and for sale at the John Clearly Gallery, 2635 Colquitt, Houston, TX 77098.

Her pictures are ghostly and enchanting.

The below pictures are hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi paper, these are not old pictures, they were all shot in the 2000s.

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sip and paint, mmm mmm good!

Bring your friends, open your favorite bottle of wine and get ready to be inspired by the local artists at Pinot and Picasso, who will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting of the day.

And at the end of the night...leave with your own masterpiece...

2406 Taft Street
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-4769


This is a definate must go! A great place to get your creative juices flowing and have the wine flowing as well!
Who could ask for more ;-P

already forgotten??

Many of you are not aware but my family was effected by the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year. As everything else on television, they hype dies down, money dwindles, and participation dies, but the reality is Haiti still needs you ... my family still needs you!

I will periodically remind my readers to remember Haiti and to donate... donate... donate!

Look on the right side of my blog to donate through www.yele.com


the greatest

One of my greatest inspirations is a famous photographer by the name of Edward Weston. He is a legend in his own right. He photographed simple objects that daily we would not view as beautiful, but once he captured it… it became beautiful.

He has been noted as the “The Most Influential American Photographer of the Twentieth Century”
 His work makes you feel something… either it is sadness, sensuality, or peace.

When I see his work it always brings me peace, what does it bring you?


swing, jive and pop!

Swing, Jive and Pop! Into Dance

What: From 30s swing and tap, to the Electric Slide, students perform an eclectic mix of dance styles. Presented by Houston Metropolitan Dance Company. For more information call 281.FREE.FUN or visit milleroutdoortheatre.com
Where: Miller Outdoor Theater
100 Concert Drive
Houston, TX 77266

When: Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Tickets: FREE


museums...art house listings...exhibits...

There is always something to do in Houston... Check some of these out!

UH Main Campus, Ent. 16, 713.743.9530
2401 Munger 713.926.6368
2521 Holman 713.526.7662
4411 Montrose Blvd. 713.524.2299
Opened March 15, BegoƱa Egurbide: Precipice
805 Rhode Place #500, 713.524.0101
Opening March 18, FotoFest- Shelly Calton: Traces of Her.
4411 Montrose 713.520.9200
Thru April 24, FotoFest: Frank Rodick
4820 Caroline St. 713.825.4613
2501 Sunset Blvd. 713.522.2701
Thru March 20, Jerrold Burchman: Naturae Natum
1601 West Alabama 713.942.9966
Many many more here http://002mag.com/wordpress/2010/03/01/exhibitsmusuemsart-house-listings-december/
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trying to find my way

DARKE gallery presents
Trying to find my way...
David A. Brown
Fotofest 2010
Saturday March 20
Lecture by Dr. David Eagleman
2 PM

These images are single exposures that capture the complexity of Houston’s metropolitan landscape by presenting an unfiltered view of it. One third of the human brain is devoted to processing 8960 kilobits of information per second. His objective is to arrest the brain’s split-second arrangements, assumptions and filtering systems by pausing the subconscious deconstruction process; he wants to create a moment of reflections, exploration and possibility.



I get "painter's block" and my dog Ivy is always ready to let me know her ideas.... lol!

                         I thought it was cute


psychologically savvy

Devorah Jacoby has a background as a licensed psychotherapist, which is one of the reasons I am featuring her work.

D. Jacoby’s paintings are psychologically savvy. They expose the multiple layers of human interaction and explore the duality between the need to belong and the desire to be separate. They grapple with real and complex impulses and dynamics found in all relationships. The paintings are both fierce and beautiful.

There’s humor to Jacoby’s work, strange and dark, while the colors and brushstrokes suggest that her characters are both enchanted and frightened by the world they inhabit.
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local artist needed

I will be starting a new monthly post that will feature local artist. This is just to show my readers of local talent in Houston,TX and surrounding areas.

If you know of any painters, photographers, poets, etc... hit me up at info@lydiasvizions.com so I can do a feature post on them and post some of their work. It is free and it is free publicity for the artist!


on display

On 3.15.10 three of my paintings were on display at "Monday Making Mondays" at Red Cat Jazz Cafe.
Here are a few pictures of the event!


Me standing next to "Come Away" and "Blue Lady"
Don checking out "The Storm"

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eye on 3rd ward: jack yates high school photography

On view Sunday, February 7 - Sunday, May 23, 2010
The Museum of Fine Art, 1001 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005
The Audrey Jones Beck Building

In one of the museum´s most admired and successful education initiatives, photography students from Jack Yates High School document the cultural fabric of Houston´s historic Third Ward community. Remarkable artistic talents emerge as these teenagers walk through the neighborhoods capturing candid images of day-to-day life. The exhibition is now in its 15th year, Eye on Third Ward continues to inspire museum visitors along with the participants.

Diamond Greene
Bus Route

Elishah Pendleton
The Journey through Life

Nerida Estrada
Deep Thoughts

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magazine art

Paper sculptor Christopher Coppers



Levi van Veluw's season's appearance photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process.

His works constitute elemental transfers; modifying the face as object; combining it with other stylistic elements to create a third visual object of great visual impact.

Via: Kanye


birth of the cool

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston  in The Brown Foundation gallery is featured:

Barkley Hendricks: Birth of the Cool
Best known for his life-sized portraits of ordinary people living in his urban northeast community of Connecticut, Barkley L. Hendricks’s bold portrayal of his subject’s attitude and style elevates the common man and woman to celebrity status. 

Birth of the Cool is the first painting retrospective of the American artist, and includes over 50 works from 1964 to the present.

Hendricks’s stylistic renderings connect the art movements of American realism and post-modernism while touching upon many of the art movements of the 1960s and 70s—pop art, photorealism, minimalism, even black aesthetic nationalism. His work occupies a space somewhere between portraitists Chuck Close and Alex Katz and pioneering black conceptualists David Hammons and Adrian Piper. Cool, empowering and sometimes confrontational, Hendricks's artistic privileging of a culturally complex black body has paved the way for today's younger generation of artists.
Sweet Thang

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my paintings on display

Two of my paintings will be on display at this event!

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 6:30pm 
Red Cat Jazz Cafe
924 Congress St., Houston, TX

Come out to check out my paintings and learn about new opportunites!!!

Hope to see you there!

an artsy day....

Hello world,
Yesterday I went to two exhibitions that were on the opposites ends of the spectrum but enlightening.

First I went to the Menil Collection to check out an artist I had spotlighted in this article http://lydiasvizions.blogspot.com/2010/03/menil-collection-features.html#more

I went with two friends, and the most I can say about Maurizio Cattelan’s work is that is was eerie! Though some of his work was disturbing to look at, you couldn’t help but look and wonder what his message was. One of his pieces at Menil was bodies lying on the floor covered in clothe. Even though these were sculptures you can see how each body was positioned under the white blankets. Very realistic!

One of my friends stated that he must have a connection to the Holocaust due to the fact all his work was geared towards the Jewish culture and the Holocaust. My final review is to definitely go check out the exhibit, and it is free!
Next I went to the Community Arts Collection which featured 4 photographers. It was a joy since one of the photographers was a friend. The place was simple, smelled of incents, and comfortable. Each artist had their own unique touch and view on the world. One embraced the human body, another photographed people she loved, various views from different places, and the last one appeared that he embrace his culture. It is always nice to see local artist in a new light!


community arts collective

fotofest biennial

Contemperary U.S Photography
March 12th - April 25th, 2010 Houston, Texas

Exhibitions, Curatorial Talks, Workshops, Fine Print Auction, Photography Bookstores, Artist/Curator Book Signings, Evenings with the Artist, Films, Gallery Trek, Bike Scramble


menil collection features...

Maurizio Cattelan

Hypersurealist sculpture-based, Maurizio Cattelan, knows how to make a statement. What that statement is…well…I’m not sure. Described as being a modern day Duchamp, Cattelan takes a jab at the seriousness of the modern art world. Within all of his installations there seems to be a well hidden smirk directed at anyone staunchy enough not to be having fun.

He is featured at the Menil Museum from February 12–August 15, 2010.
The museum is free to all visitors.

1515 Sul Ross Street, Houston, TX 77006
11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday


(and yes these are ALL sculptures)

Ironic... don't cha think!

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