an artsy day....

Hello world,
Yesterday I went to two exhibitions that were on the opposites ends of the spectrum but enlightening.

First I went to the Menil Collection to check out an artist I had spotlighted in this article http://lydiasvizions.blogspot.com/2010/03/menil-collection-features.html#more

I went with two friends, and the most I can say about Maurizio Cattelan’s work is that is was eerie! Though some of his work was disturbing to look at, you couldn’t help but look and wonder what his message was. One of his pieces at Menil was bodies lying on the floor covered in clothe. Even though these were sculptures you can see how each body was positioned under the white blankets. Very realistic!

One of my friends stated that he must have a connection to the Holocaust due to the fact all his work was geared towards the Jewish culture and the Holocaust. My final review is to definitely go check out the exhibit, and it is free!
Next I went to the Community Arts Collection which featured 4 photographers. It was a joy since one of the photographers was a friend. The place was simple, smelled of incents, and comfortable. Each artist had their own unique touch and view on the world. One embraced the human body, another photographed people she loved, various views from different places, and the last one appeared that he embrace his culture. It is always nice to see local artist in a new light!

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