just add water

You must check out this guy's work!! I was in awe when browsing his paintings!! He has a showing in California, but he def as to come to Houston, TX! Look below for a brief description and a few pics of his work!!

Everything is submerged in cool, blue ripples in Just Add Water, an upcoming exhibition of oils by Benjamin Anderson. The not-so-squeaky clean themes of beauty, war and materialism are central to this lush array of work; in fact, they are almost magnified. Not only does Just Add Water focus visually on H2O, but a percentage of each sale goes towards Nika Water, an organization that uses the profits from selling bottled water to provide water where it is needed.

Just Add Water opens at the Anderson Art Collective in Carpinteria, California on February 27, 2010 and runs through May 9.

this one above is my fav... it is a woman swimming!!! I am inspired!

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Tasha H. said...

O la la I really like these!! This dude has an eye.

Are you ever gonna post stuff about local artist?

Mrs. Fuller said...

you have a great eye for the extraordinary.