Who is Lydia?

I have been asked to post the answer to one essential question..."Who is Lydia?"

Well here goes… Lydia was my former middle name before I was married. I loved my middle name and since I replaced my middle name with my maiden name I had to find a way to make my name live on through other means. Well before I established my company I always signed my paintings as “Lydia”….so it was only natural for me to use this name for my company!

I of course could not just name my company LYDIA… so the word vision was attached.

I had a nephew named Logan Zion Houston, he was my God-son and first nephew, the most beautiful baby I ever set my eyes on. He passed away when he was 8 months old very suddenly, and it had torn a hole in my family and my heart.

When using the word “vision” I changed it to “ViZion” to include my nephew’s middle name.

The name LYDIA’S VIZIONS represents important things I have lost in my life, so I used them to bring life in my company.

Hence…. LYD!A’S VIZ!ONS!!!


I Read... you read said...

"I have lost in my life, so I used them to bring life in my company"

I love this....

Random Rambler said...

Thanks for the insight and sorry to hear about your godson/nephew...the memory lives on.

Lydia's Vizions said...

Thank you! and yes he lives on