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I have been on this "dream house" kick lately, and I have stumbled across some architecture that was amazing. Art comes in so many forms and there is beauty even in concrete and steel.

In the south we appreciate land, grass, acreage and quality of neighborhoods. Some places appreciate the space WITHIN a home, the sounds, the smell, and the symmetry. I want to be able to find both... to be able to appreciate the inside and outside of my home. Wanting to be as comfortable inside as I am outside!

Anywho… check these out!

The second generation of VM Houses is VM Bjerget, aka Mountain Dwellings, located across the street from its predecessor. Faced with a program of twice as much parking as dwelling units, the architects adopted a strategy of stacking the two functions and terracing both the 480 parking spaces and the 80 apartments to create an artificial hillside that absorbs the southern sun and acknowledges the neighbor's zig-zag. A gap between the parking and residential components makes the division and dependency clear.


Architects: Rangr Studio
Location: Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Design Team: Jasmit Singh Rangr, Eivind Karlsen, Josh Weiselberg
Construction: Paradise Investments, Rolando Widman
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009

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Tasha said...

Mannnn that second picture is lovely. I wanna go there, be there, buy that, all that!