CAMH "Man Made" sneak peak

I went to the Champagne and Ribs event at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston on Thursday. We were able to get a sneak peak of the exhibit before it officially showed to the public. In one word I would say it was…"Interesting".

I was touring the exhibit constantly saying to myself "art is in the eye of the beholder" because some of the exhibits... well... looked like it came out of a scary dream. One of the guests touring with us said it reminded her of the movie Video Drome...lol (if you seen it then you know why it is like a scary dream).

Well we got a sneak peak and now I’m passing my “peak” to you via my camera phone! Enjoy...oh and also I took a quick video snippet of a video they had on display, and... um... yea...it was scary… to me. Tell me what you think!


this one was the one that reminded me of a bad dream and also the video at the end was tied with this exhibit!
this yarn is a large spider like display
This was my fav display... it was all made of wood. Lots of detail...

more after the jump...

curador said by the end of the exhibit this will be fully woven
ummm this is one of like 7 half heads with yarn hair!

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I'm browsing the web and stumbled across your blog it makes me want to move to houston. good job