Barcode Paintings

I'm in love with these paintings... it inspires me to try something new!

Artist and interior designer Karen Blackerby incorporates travel into her practice by employing a variety of styles and media to create artwork based on her time on the road and the traditions of other countries. Blackerby's series of Barcode paintings is inspired by travels through South America; each slice represents a different experience and each painting documents a different country. Working with a mix of black and white and colour, Blackerby is successful in catching the eye, yet teasing with a taste of a hidden entirety. Also of interest are the artist's eggshell mosaics (on her website) that are drawn upon experiences in Southeast Asia.

Artist: Karen Blackerby
+ karenblackerby.com

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When are you going to start on you rinspiration of these? That will be nice i beat